Suing federal officers under authority of Bivens v. Six Unknown Fed. Narcotics Agents.
Bivens-based civil suits are not to be extended beyond what has already been decided absent meeting some very stringent-provided case law requirements.
Criminal History and Warrant Checks as a part of the “Mission” of a Traffic Stop.
Running a criminal history and warrant check during a lawful traffic stop, as a part of the “mission” of the traffic stop detention, do not unlawfully prolong the duration of the traffic stop.
The First Amendment Freedom of Expression and Retaliatory Arrest
Arresting a person for exercising their First Amendment freedom of speech is illegal.
The Fourteenth Amendment Due Process and the Use of Deadly Force
“Shocking the Conscience” is a necessary element of an alleged Fourteenth Amendment excessive force violation.
Cruel and Unusual Punishment Imposed by Federal Correctional Officers
A “Bivens remedy” is available to a prison inmate who alleges that a federal correctional officer has violated the Eighth Amendment’s cruel and unusual prohibitions.